Our Program

  • Destiny School of the Arts is a Christian-based learning center. As a ministry of Destiny Church, we are designed to meet the early spiritual, social, physical and intellectual needs of our children. As a Christian school, Destiny School of the Arts will promote the spiritual development of children by praying before snack and incorporating Christian music and art when there is an opportunity for it, i.e. Christmas and Easter.

  • Our program is a good mix of both. We spend approximately 90 minutes doing group activities and focused listening and then approximately 90 minutes of free play, learning centers or group games/activities to encourage social and emotional growth.

  • Destiny School of the Arts is open for parents to visit and to observe their children at any time. Teachers are encouraged to invite parents to visit the classroom and to participate in appropriate activities to enrich the school, but there is no requirement for mandatory volunteer time.

  • Our school programs run early September through late May. Classes begin the day after Labor Day and run through to the Friday before Memorial Day.

  • Destiny School of the Arts follows, as closely as possible, the Loudoun County Public School calendar pertaining to teacher workdays, vacations and holidays. See the school calendar for specific dates.

Policies & Procedures

  • Yes, you can pull into our carline circle and a staff member will meet your child at your car and walk him or her inside.

  • Each child must bring their own snack each day to class. School staff members may not give students any food item not provided by the parent. All children with allergies MUST complete the appropriate food allergy forms.

  • This is a frequent problem each year as the public school often does not set schedules for buses until late August. The most common solution is to find another parent to carpool with or a neighbor that may be willing to get your older child from the bus stop. Depending on an older child’s dismissal time, some parents pick-up their older children first or pick-up their preschool/kindergarten child a few minutes early.

  • It is the policy of the school that children must be picked up at their dismissal time. Please remember that being late can be upsetting to your child and might prevent our staff from getting home on time for their own children.

  • If Loudoun County Public Schools are closed, Destiny School of the Arts will be closed. If Loudoun County Public Schools are delayed one hour, the school will open at 9am.  A two-hour delay will result in a late opening of 9:45am and ending at 12:00pm. All afternoon classes will meet as scheduled.

  • Destiny School of the Arts reserves the right to dismiss any student because of frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, delinquent tuition payments and/or parental noncompliance.

  • Destiny School of the Arts reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment. In the event a class is cancelled, a full refund or credit of both registration fee and tuition paid will be issued within 4 weeks.